NOV 2015 – APRIL 2016

Jack Wills, A british fashion retail company for more than 16 years, has brought British heritage-inspired wares of the highest quality to the wardrobes of a spirited and inspired youth, epitomising what it is to be British, irreverent and carefree. Peter Williams and Robert Shaw founded the brand in 1999. Williams was 23 when the first store opened at 22 Fore Street, Salcombe and it was created with £40,000 – the founders slept above the shop. The brand was named after one of the co-founders' grandparents. Today, the brand is partly owned by Jack Wills Ltd, a private limited company registered in the UK, while a 27% stake is held by the private equity firm Inflexion after an investment deal in 2007. In 2011, the company was valued at £140 million, of which co-founders Williams and Shaw hold a 52% stake and 21% stake, respectively.

womenswear VISUAL MERCHANDISing specialist

Product placement, window dressing, styling and dressing mannequins, awarded ‘Jack Wills Best Universal Visual Merchandising SS’16 Store Launch’.