Lily has been a fabulous asset to Trinny London and her management of the Trinny Tribers. She is efficient, patient and always polite, despite being pulled in many different directions! Lily always maintains professionalism and is hugely knowledgable, her ability to remember everyone’s name and all the necessary information at the right time is second to none. She is an absolute joy to work with.

- rachel tasker, #trinnytribe member, trinny london.

I worked with Lily at a digital marketing agency where she worked her way from an executive to junior account manager very swiftly. She was very passionate about doing her work to the best of her ability. In addition she was very conscientious to develop her skills over and above what she needed to within her role. From the time I worked with Lily I learnt that she is extremely headstrong, ambitious and determined, however she is also considerate of others and cares for team members wellbeing and workloads which is a unique balance of great qualities.

- antonia murray, account manager, influence digital.

Lily is one of the most hard working people I know. I have worked with her during four seasons of London Fashion Week and Graduate Fashion Week, and she always balances hard work and efficiency with being friendly and full of energy. As digital editor she knows how to bring the team together to create great results while still acknowledging and supporting each individual. Lily is an absolute pleasure to be around and I look forward to working with her again!

- oda eide, photographer, fashion scout.

Being Lily's intern at Fashion Scout was definitely one of the best learning experiences of my life. She taught me so much and was very patient in doing so. She is one of the most professional, hard working, organised and kind people I have had the pleasure to work with. She always took the time to help with what I was doing. Thanks to her my experience at Fashion Scout was an amazing one.

- ella tyson, digital media intern, fsi events.

Lily's focus and attention to detail was incredible in the rush of madness that encompassed Fashion Week. Thoughtful and smart, don't let Lily's petite size fool you, she is a powerhouse and a dream to work with.

- monica lee, illustrator, fashion scout.

Lily Gee worked within my dance school for several years in front of house. She was responsible for the handing and organisation of fee payments to the school and also with dance wear stock alongside student class organisation. Lily worked very efficiently and I was always proud of her conduct and professionalism towards parents. She was very reliable and in great moments of stress very level headed.  She also helped me initially (a very untechno lady!), in setting up the schools facebook page and maintaining it until I grew in confidence to use it. Lily is a trustworthy and talented young woman, she would be a credit wherever she works. 

- hannah la trobe, company director, on your toes school of dancing.

I worked alongside Lily during London Fashion Week. She was not only kind and welcoming, she is also an amazing writer. Having read through some of her pieces I can honestly say they have touched me and I'm sure many others. Lily isn't scared to do her job, and do it well. She knows how to run a team and how to reassure you when the pressures on. I look forward to working with Lily again.

- amy gerges, digital studio assistant, fashion scout.

I worked with Lily during London Fashion Week. She delegates fairly and efficiently, maintaining an exciting and professional atmosphere amidst a team. Her organisation and calm demeanour ensures that intense working environments do not become stressful. I look forward to working with her again!

- annabel waterhouse-biggins, writer, fashion scout.

I worked with Lily at Fashion Scout. she was truly a spirited team leader and a pleasure to work with, balancing efficiency and drive with maintaining a light and friendly atmosphere amidst the chaos of Fashion Week.

- millie collier, writer, fashion scout.

Working with Lily throughout Graduate Fashion Week was an absolute pleasure. Full of energy, friendly and supportive even when working in stressful situations. Works professionally to get the job done, I look forward to working with Lily again!

- caitlin davis, photographer, graduate fashion week.

I worked with Lily Gee whilst she was Social Media Manager for Fashion Scout AW16, and I can say that the team spirit would not have been the same without her. Lily is energetic and was constantly filling in when she was needed. Going above and beyond her role of Social Media Editor. Lily helped support and coach weaker members of our team, helping bring out their true potential. She will be an asset to any team and will be a shooting star in the future!

 - tskenya-sarah fraser, sub editor, fashion scout.

Lily was a dream to work with. She is the perfect balance of an interactive team member and a strong, independent worker. I loved spending time with her in our group settings and admired her work ethic from afar when she was off on a mission. I look forward to working with Lily again.

- britany powell, graphic intern, fashion scout.

When it comes to working with Lily she is very much on the ball! She taught me a lot about the fashion industry and how on it you have to be with social media! Overall a fab gal to work with.

- lauren mustoe, photographer, fashion scout.

It is always a pleasure when working with Lily. She is a very confident, engaging and proactive professional who gets the job done to a high standard. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a hard working individual and I am sure she will bring enthusiasm and passion to any role.

- melissa poulton, social media assistant, fashion scout.

I had the pleasure of working with Lily during London fashion week as my assistant manager. Lily's work ethic brings to my mind one of a Japanese speed train, fast, efficient, streamlined, & straight to the point. You understand with lily there will be no wavering around or u-turns along the way. Further more Lily somehow manages to do all this & create a harmonious atmosphere as if sitting in the carriage having a good chat with friends whilst still on track to meet our set goals. Lily brings great energy where ever she is. I look forward to working alongside her again in the future.

- andrew r moore, photographer, fashion scout.

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